The Ideologues of the Gaming Control Board

June 24, 2018
The Ideologues of the Gaming Control Board

For the most part the rank and file members of the Nevada Gaming Control Board are above and beyond reproach. They are hardworking, dedicated and good citizens serving Nevada and keeping casino gambling on the straight and narrow. The following comments are not directed to these fine people. These comments are directed to the powers to be that allows the GCB to continually hide and suppress public information behind an archaic Nevada law: NRS 463.335(16) and under the provisions of NRS Chapter 239.
This law keeps the facts, historical data and the truth from the public. The law makes it illegal for the GCB to release anything about a gaming licensee or investigation to practically anyone.  This means they won’t give you a photo of a past legendary deceased hotel owner, or a picture of an interior of an imploded casino, if they had one.  And what about the interesting cases that were investigated 30 or 40 years ago.  Everyone in the case has passed away, and yet they won’t reveal anything to a person requesting some information.  A STONE WALL!
Nevada’s gaming regulators use this law as dictators over the public in a manner that is unjust competition. When they need to inspect, peruse or examine a fact in a file, they can do so under the precept that it is within the law, yet if a subject of the file needs to defend him or herself it practically take an act of Congress to even look at what is even contained in the secret file. Even a person who has been investigated by the secretive Gaming Control Board isn’t even allowed to view their own file.

Even a researcher who wants to historical facts about a deceased gaming operator regarding confirmation of employment in a vintage casino in the 1970s is denied.
This is beyond reasonable and in the spirit of fair dealing and there must be a reason that the GBC wants to keep this information secret. Perhaps a legitimate right of privacy excuse would apply in some cases. Certainly sensitive personal information should not be disclosed that could cause harm to a living subject if the file. But in the case of deceased gaming licensees and investigations of these persons, keeping this information in a vault is akin to a dictatorship running our state.
The reason of protecting Nevada Gaming from innuendo, speculation and the possibility of bad press is not acceptable in this new age of social media and 24/7 worldwide news facilities.

The files in the secret vaults of the Gaming Control Board are valuable to history and accuracy. The FBI has released much of the information via the FOIA and is available to the public for a postage stamp. So why then, has the GCB not released the same information. Is it because of the fear of a lawsuit? The last time this writer checked the law, a dead man could not file a law suit.

There are hundreds if not thousands of files in the secret protected filing cabinets of the Nevada’s Gaming Control Board that belong to the educational curriculum of gaming history.  Try to search the internet to find a picture of Ed Torres or Maurice Friedman.  Good luck!

The reason the Fascist high lamas at the GCB may have another reason that they don’t want this information released and open for research is because there may be many smoking guns in the files that implicate past Gaming Commission and Gaming Control Board members in wrongdoing, unfair dealing and flat out criminal activity.

I say fellow Nevadans, petition your Assembly persons, write letters to your State Senators and initiate action to change NRS 463.335(16) certain

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