Tamara Rand’s Murder Mystery

Tamara Rand’s murder still brings to mind her connection to the Stardust Hotel, the Argent Corporation, Allen Glick, Tony Spilotro, Todd Derlachter , and Al Davis, then owner of the Oakland Raiders.
The last connection doesn’t seem to fit in this list of character, but there is a connection that puzzled me enough to look a little deeper into the possible connection. Tamara Rand was murdered, gangland style. In the movie Casino, the finger pointed to Tony Spilotro, doing the bidding of the powers that pulled the strings at the Stardust Hotel. According to the Los Angeles Times, (June 20, 1980) Rand had loaned Allen Glick money and was murdered by someone in the crime syndicate because she was a threat to them.
Police said that Rand’s slaying was a striking resemblance to the murder of Chicago chieftain Sam Giancana and three other mob suspected murders. (See the attached story)
But a bigger puzzle is the role of the mysterious Todd Derlachter, that was a vice president of the Dunes Hotel and his connection with Allen Glick, Del Coleman (Recrion), Tamara Rand, Al Davis and Eastmont Associates. He received the finder’s fee that allegedly went to (see Dunes timeline) Morris Shenker. Incidentally, Al Davis was the owner of the Oakland Raiders that are planning a move to Las Vegas. See the interview with Rand and the story about the “Prediction Hoax Youtube video. todd finders fee rand al davis
Rand murder Dec 20 1975