(Barton) “Bart” Whaley I WILL NEVER FORGET HIM


(Barton) “Bart” Whaley was my favorite magicians of all time. Meeting him was a highlight in my life. I am thankful to have the opportunity of talking to him, which I wish I could have done everyday, but I feared the risk of bugging him with my trivial matters. I just loved hearing his opinion and angle on many things.

When I was putting together the Erdnase-Expert at the Card Table series with Allan Ackerman, I was stunningly impressed by the level of Bart’s deep awareness and historical knowledge of the topic. He definitely should have been given the distinction, “Erdnase maxima cum laude”. The Central Intelligence Agency referred to him as the “Father of Deception” within the agency.

In my interview he talks about a topic called, “Incongruities”. The topic is one of my favorites. I have attached a rare unedited excerpt from the Expert at the Card Table set. I hope you enjoy this clip.

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