We will bring you back in time!  Las Vegas they way it used to be!


KiYQ is a dedicated non-profit historical music radio station that plays  legendary great music performed by the great artists that made Las Vegas, the entertainment and gambling capital of the world.  KiYQ also preserves and maintains the history of how this great town began.  Our position is that the history must be accurate and complete.  Nevada laws made gambling legal in 1931 and brought operators from all parts of the country to the Silver State.  What was illegal in their home state was legal in Nevada.  They were smart, practical, and could run an operation without computers.  They knew what the customers liked and offered a good gamble for the money.  They also were very charitable and helped the community with donations and backing in every manner.  Las Vegas would not be “Las Vegas” without them.  Some of the new operators may want to examine their modus operandi.  It might put their operation in the “black”. Our goal is to create an online repository and timeline using the latest technology available so that all citizens may enjoy, research and learn about these operators and their legacies..

KiYQ-LP is an historical Las Vegas music and information radio station governed by Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Inc.   Reading, Writing, Arithmetic is the licensee and a non-profit IRS approved organization, that operates this station.   Reading, Writing, Arithmetic is exactly what the organization is about and promotes from the donations it receives. It also funds the station, KiYQ-LP.

Knowledge is power to each human being on this planet. The more knowledge one has the more things a person can accomplish. The wonders of the world are before our eyes and it is imperative that every young person obtain the fundamentals of learning through the basics of reading, writing and math skills.

RWA is the bridge to provide the aids to learning, by providing books, booklets and information free of charge to educators, teachers and others who do not have the resources or access to obtain them. In many areas of the United States, cursive writing is becoming a thing of the past and in many local schools it is not even being taught. The reasons are many, however it just does not make sense that cursive writing is not being taught in many of our school systems. Texting is a good thing, but the methods used in texting are slowly eroding the proper uses of the English language. The chopping and abbreviation of words is becoming habit forming and leading to the elimination of the English vocabulary. We hope you will share our vision and join us in the goal of preserving and promulgating Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, the basics of learning.

We envision a world in which the media is not a means to limit democratic participation, but a way for communities, movements and individuals to express themselves and struggle for justice. We imagine a nationwide community radio infrastructure made up of hundreds of independent, locally-oriented stations, part of a global movement to put media in the hands of the people.

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