Gaming Control Board’s Secret Hearings

In 1966 there was plenty of pressure on Nevada regarding the alleged skimming that was occurring in various casinos around the state. The FBI had installed listening devices in the early 1960s in various offices, hotel rooms and even in certain casino owners’ private bedrooms. This led to Nevada Governor Grant Sawyer to hold TOP SECRET hearings inquiring into the Flamingo and Dunes hotels.

The average citizen will never know what these meetings were about! All of the people that testified in the Dunes and Flamingo cases are deceased. The historical value of the meetings, the dialogue, the actions that developed are all under wrap and key, by the ever so mighty Gaming Control Board. These are not personal files but hearings that affected all Nevada citizens. What reason could there be to keep these proceedings that occurred in 1966 a hidden secret? That is about 52 years ago.

A movement must be started to make files like these available to the public. Even researchers can’t get information about licensees. A writer can’t even assemble a historical photo library of past gaming legends that the Gaming Control Board has in their files that they protect by an archaic Nevada Statute.

Citizens, we need to change this secret society of gaming information. We need to protest, demonstrate and unlock history!

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