July 1, 2017
More on the Want-to-be Big Shot
The local guy that keeps telling everyone that he has the inside on the mob and Lansky,  really has pulled the wool over a local organization.  If someone in the organization asked a few questions and did a little research before booking their speakers they might stumble on the problems with his story.  We aren’t being mysterious writing about this character by not revealing his name at this time, but rather we would prefer to give the person enough rope to do himself in.  He certainly may have met Meyer Lansky on a train and he may have worked at the Flamingo, but the other part of his story that he is not telling you will make you doubt if he was really close to Meyer Lansky at all.
He says Meyer Lansky was his mentor. If he was Meyer’s boy, Meyer certainly would not approve of what this creep admitted doing.  We actually have this person on tape, with his permission,  revealing things he did that would embarrass himself and his associates.  If a few of his associates were still alive and they heard about this information he freely admitted to, this guy’s safety could have been at risk.  It would also anger some people in the Nevada gaming industry, including owners,  operators, stockholders, Gaming Control Board members, and perhaps the FBI. He also admitted, with a witness present,  that he lied about a certain incident concerning his so-called friend, Johnny Rosselli.  He said he lied because it would help his book sales.
Perhaps  the  whole thing is made up? Who knows for sure.   But one thing that is known for sure is this man’s FOIA.  He gave the FOIA to a certain person, freely and not being under duress.  This official FBI document tells a story that Meyer would not find too Kosher. Chances are he hoodwinked the FBI as well. This  local organization should look to people who really know the truth before promoting someone that could lead to a big embarrassment and the promotion of an un-true story about Las Vegas.


April 29, 2017
It is appalling to listen and see reports on a local TV station about a person that  distorts history and misrepresents the truth to be associated with or be recognized as a “mob” pal.  There have been many legendary characters that have worked and lived in Las Vegas with connections to the hidden bosses, sometime called the “mob”, the “Outfit”, the Syndicate, the LCN, the Mafia and other similar names.  There is no question that these operators controlled many casinos in Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe and other locations in Nevada.  They were brilliant operators that worked without computers, board meetings and corporate jets.  They hired many local individuals and imported many soldiers to man the trenches in the casinos.  Those that had the opportunity to work for these operators were bound by loyalty, pride and ability.  They possessed the skills to perform their jobs.  But there is nothing worse and grave as misrepresenting the truth and changing history by making falsehoods up about who they represented and what they did.  These untruths have been put forth for money, attention and wanting others to have a high regard for them.   They basically want to change history to suit their fantasy.  It is not going to happen under this watch.
This individual enlisted this writer for a project that included research and writing on stories about the individual and Las Vegas.  After months of work, I was at a stumbling point about a major part of the work because the facts did not jive.  After a serious meeting and confrontation, the individual admitted that he lied about the incident and did so to increase interest in the book.  That was the reason to terminate the relationship for me.  This is not sour grapes in any fashion.  I will not be a party to a lie that would have changed history, period.   There is more, but I will save this for a sequel.
Anyone can say anything about any past hotel or legendary owner because almost everyone that really knows the truth is dead.  Who can argue or correct the falsehood and present the truth?  However there still are a few of the real old timers around who know the real story and can fact check and correct the many falsehoods that are presented by speakers and barkers of books about Las Vegas and the mob.
You creeps know who you are!  Beware! Every word you write, every statement you make is recorded for history and you will be found out.  It is just a matter of time.  Bye the way, the individual I am speaking about was referred to as a creep by one of the highest officers in the corporation.  I know because this person told me so, in person.  My research verifies the fitting description.
The enablers who assist these fairy tale spreading maggots are just as guilty.  You enablers will be embarrassed when the real facts are revealed with details, names, places and evidence. If the enablers did a little checking, they would suddenly stumble upon all the true facts that expose this person.  Hint: check out the documents that the individual proudly shows off: they may be fake!
This individual likes to brag how he knows this certain big time individual in business.  Well let me tell you this:  If this big time businessman knew what this individual had done in the past when they were associated together, (which is basically a big no-no in this business) he would never speak to him again.  And I mean NEVER!
There is one individual boasting about how he was the eyes and ears of a certain well known gangster.  If this gangster were alive today, he would probably put a contract out on the guy’s life for his actions and allegations.  The individual is so far off, he must be on medication, to even think he is believable.  He is not even aware of the many contradictions in his story.  In fact, the true story of a situation the individual refers to, cannot be written about, because of serious respect for the family of the real subjects in the matter.  Trust me on this one.  This story, that has never appeared anywhere, is a blockbuster that will turn the town upside down.  But I promise it will be told in due time for generations to come.
Your probably saying: why don’t you tell his name?  I might in time, hoping he would sue me.  Then through the legal term called discovery, shocking evidence would be discovered.