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There are those who are not going to believe this next item but, as the old saying goes, “If I am lying, I am dying”. The same man that made subs also came up with the saran wrap scam. As a boxman on the crap table, he would bring a small piece of saran wrap to the table and slowly cover the money slot, as if just playing with the bill paddle. He would lay the the saran wrap over the opening and slide the paddle into the slot pushing the saran wrap into the slot and forming an invisible pouch. An accomplice would come up to the game and buy in $5000 in cash. The boxman would count the money down and tell the dealer to give him $5500, giving him an extra $500 on the count. They would time this whole scene just before the shift change, when the confusion is the highest in the pit, and when it is time to pull the money paddle not allowing any more money going down after the table was counted by the oncoming shift. Incidentally for you historians, the place was called The Mint. It was eventually purchased by Benny Binion. When Benny Binion owned the Horseshoe, he could not acquire another gaming establishment without getting called into the Gaming Control Board for licensing, and he knew he would have a hard time getting a license with the agency that had control of gaming in Nevada at the time. So he simply bought the place which was adjacent to the Horseshoe, broke through the adjoining wall, and he had a 26 hotel with beautiful rooms. he did not need the Mint’s license to operate rooms, and basically added the rooms, food and beverage to his license that was much easier to obtain in the 1950’s.
Just before the count, the agent would buy in, and the money would be dropped into the money slot. Now with a large amount of cash, you don’t use the paddle to drop the money, rather you turn the money and force it down edgewise. The paddle would then be placed over the top of the slot, but not into the slot. This would help cover the saran wrap. This is done just after the money is counted, so the paddle indicates to the crew not to drop any more money on that shift.
The boxman simply gets up from the table quickly pulling the entire pouch from the slot, and putting it into his inside jacket pocket, in the act of straightening out his suit.
One time the pouch got stuck and the saran wrap was broken off into the money box. I wonder what the casino count team thought when they discovered saran wrap in the dropbox!
There was also a real good possibility that a member of the casino supervisory staff was also in with the play.