Kennedy assassination incongruities

Three Kennedy assassination incongruities, and there are more…….

I find that this was a rather unusual or incongruent letter in the fact that it was sent to the FBI within just one week of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. My point: how could this writer made the assumptions and deducements that may be somewhat accurate so quickly? Perhaps they had some knowledge of the event like the Rose Cheramie incident, or the Oxnard telephone operator incident?

On November 29 1963 the Chicago Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation received a typewritten letter postmarked November 27 1963 at Oak Park Illinois which is set forth as follows:

“Reflective thoughts as to the possibilities surrounding our beloved President’s death.
1. Hoffa had publicized his spending of 8 million this
year to elect pro-teamster politicians and1 that he intended to spend greater than this amount next year to defeat Kennedy.

2. Actually it was Robert Kennedy whom Hotta and the underworld would most likely wish to destroy. Had they openly assassinated Robert Kennedy this would directly point the finger to them Had they done so John F.Kennedy would have appointed another courageous Attorney General to expose pursue and overcome the mobster rule.

By taking the life of the President himself reasoning would follow that it would break the heart of the Attorney General and in time with a new Cabinet appointed Robert Kennedy would very likely be out of the picture.]

3. In procuring a marksman with a Communistic record who would then be employed in the strategic building allowed access given direction and the timing to do their planned job public speculation and opinion would be diverted to the decision that the murder was the work of madman and/or
a Communist.

4. The entertainer at the Jack Ruby Burlesque Club emphatically on TV stated that he had seen Lee Oswald in the audience of the Jack Ruby Club two weeks before the murder. He stated that he never forgot a face…it is a part of his concentration act…and in seeing Oswald’s picture in the news he was certain that he had been in the audience of the Club and stood up to ask a question of the MC entertainer on a given evening.

5. Why was Oswald at the Club Why was Ruby at the Police Station and allowed to be there One of Ruby’s acquaintances scoffed at the idea of Ruby’s feeling of great loss or concern over the murder of the President
except to the extent that his Night Club might lose money. Ruby had to destroy Oswald before he would ‘break and disclose the others known to him who were involved. This too, was more than likely planned in the great role that Ruby was to play. The underworld would then set his up in a lucrative expanded Night Club he would emerge a hero to the public who would in time flock to his Club.
“This may all sound fantastic but no more fantastic than the accomplished murder of our President It had to be the work of more than 1 man.
A grieving citizen

According to accounts of assassinations researchers, a woman known as Rose Cheramie, a heroin addict and prostitute with a long history of arrests, was found on November 20, 1963, lying on the road near Eunice, La., bruised and disoriented. She was taken to the Louisiana State Hospital in Jackson, La., to recover from her injuries and what appeared to be narcotics withdrawal. Cheramie reportedly told the attending physician that President Kennedy was going to be killed during his forthcoming visit to Dallas. The doctor did not pay much attention to the ravings of a patient going “cold turkey” until after the President was assassinated 2 days later.

NOVEMBER 22 1963
PARKER SULLIVAN, President General Telephone
Company Santa Monica California telephonically advised Special Agent PAUL L MACS at 11:35 a.m. November 22, 1963 of receipt of anonymous telephone conversation at the Oxnard Exchange in Oxnard California at approximately 10:10 a.m this date.

Telephone operators Mrs.”DORIS E BLISS, six years experience and Mrs JEAN M SHORES, six and a half years experience advised SA JOHN E KEANE that Mrs BLISS operating a toll call board recording Trunk
No 42 thought someone had a receiver off as she heard a fuzzy sound and received no reply to her call of “operator”. Then on hearing whispering sounds asked Mrs SHORES to come in on the line as she thought party
might be in trouble Individual on line started to dial and after dialing a few numbers started whispering very faintly “the President is going to die at 10:10. (Pacific time which would be 12:10 Dallas time.)

Mrs BLISS and Mrs SHORES looked at the telephone company
clock located between them noting the time was 10:07 to