Dennis “the Creep” Hastert

Dennis “the Creep” Hastert, a useless piece of DNA.

When I went to Burbank High School I never ever would think that I would use words like creep, to describe a former Speaker of the House. It is fitting however, and the word creep is too good for this useless piece of DNA.

Glenn Beck brought out a few points that all of us should be aware of. Where in the heck did Hastert get this amount of money? A forensic auditor should be brought into the picture to ascertain the sources of the funds. If Hastert had this secret life, odds are that someone else knew about it. Remember also, he entered into politics and eventually became the number three man in the succession order to be President of the United States. These two factors make it highly probable that those who had knowledge of his behavior could have pased this information along to enimies of the state, foreign agents or other persons wishing to learn more about how the internal security of the United States government functions. These are serious as a heart attack issues. Make no mistake about it.

Additionally he may have been blackmailed or threatened by some entity that wanted special favors. These entities may have said we will reveal your secrets unless you cooperate. This scenario is probably the unknown fact that the public doesn’t know because Hastert did not defend himself in court for the reason of discovery. Discovery would have allowed prosecutors to bring all the facts of the case into the court room and to the public.
Hopefully the FBI, who caught the creep, is pursuing the leads and clues that Hastert left along the way. 10 to 1 there are more creeps in the junket.
Being the Speaker of the House, I repeat, the Speaker of the House, is a big job. Every major government that has an intelligence agency of some kind would do or pay anything to have electronic surveillance of Hastert. Who are these foreign or native entities? Are they the same two-faced allies that appear to be our friends on the surface? Are they the Chinese, who may have 100,000 lobbyists assigned to our Congress?

These questions need answers.

There are many in Washington who were aware of the creep’s lifestyle and choose to look the other way, because they are in this game as well.

The facts of this case should never be sealed so all the other creeps can be ferreted out.
And let us not forget there are victims here that we’ll never lead a normal life after these horrific experiences. I believe one victim may have died, I am not 100 percent certain.

There is no telling how much damage this creepy trainwreck of a political hack has done to the American people. How much money has he cost the taxpayers?
This is just one more reason the entire Senate and Congress needs reforms. Term limits, campaign fund limits, new lobbying rules, and strict contractual mandated penalties for breaking the trust of the American people.
Maybe one of the rules should be: while an elected official holds the trust of the American people, all of the elected officials personal property would be held in trust by a third party. If the trust is broken, the property is taken away from the official.