Casino Consulting Services

Casino Services

The primary management and associates of KIYQ has a deep background of casino experience that could benefit casinos in Nevada and elsewhere. Before you buy, build, promote or operate a Non-restricted casino operation, it may be a very wise investment for your entity to consult with our confidential team. We have a very strategic program that has been designed to be a “Casino Fixer”. This unique and guarded system is something special and not the typical casino consulting service. The program is layered and 100% guaranteed.

The primary founders of this program are all past Non-restricted “old & new school” casino owners, which have held multiple senior management positions in Nevada casino-hotel operations. We use “bean counting”, computers and “grift sense” in a unique proprietary analytical methodology.

If you are interested in confidentially discussing our specialized methodology for your property, please call (702) 236-4114.